Making Colorado Beautiful – Our Promise to You

Every Colorado Lottery game that is sold funds the places that help make Colorado such an incredible place to live and play. Since 1983, we've invested more than $3 billion (yep—with a "B") on protecting Colorado's wilderness and creating trails, parks, pools and recreation areas. As a result, the impact of Lottery dollars can be seen all across the state, in ways both big and small.

As technology advances, the Lottery needs to stay relevant with players of all ages and demographics. In order to engage and entertain players into the future, we must bring distinctiveness to our product mix, distribution channels and sales strategies. To move forward, we are enlisting the support of Coloradans, just like you. With your support, we believe that we will gain what is needed to successfully deploy various innovative solutions.

This community is built and managed by Toluna, a technology-based research company, on behalf of the Colorado Lottery.